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Mexican Auto Insurance

Even if your bike is not worth $200 – it’s important to have Liability Insurance for your Tijuana Toy Run trip.  The Liability insurance protects you if you crash and kill a kid, or his family or smash up a store by mistake.  Instead of taking you to jail (unless of course you are intoxicated, inebriated or otherwise recklessly killing people down there), they will take your insurance information, contact Qualitas and send you on your way.  It is of vital importance that you purchase Mexican Auto Insurance if you plan on driving while in Mexico. Even if you carry American or Canadian insurance your insurance company will not meet the minimum requirements of Mexican law. The Mexican authorities are not forgiving of tourists who fail to carry the minimum Mexican auto insurance and you will be jailed if you are caught without it. At best, driving without Mexican auto insurance is a gamble, at worst you will find yourself in a very difficult situation.


The minimum Mexican auto insurance required by Mexican law is called Civil Liability Insurance. This insurance only protects you in the event that you injure someone else or damage some else’s property. The minimum liability coverage you should purchase is $100 000 US. Although some Mexican auto insurance companies will sell you policies with less coverage, $100 000 is the minimum that you will need in the event of a serious accident. It is also possible to purchase Mexican auto insurance with a $300 000 liability coverage. This extra coverage will ensure that you are protected regardless of the severity of the accident and it is available for only a slightly more expensive rate.


Civil Liability Insurance does not cover medical expenses you incur, the cost of towing the car, or loss from theft. If you wish to be fully protected while in Mexico, you should purchase a complete coverage Mexican auto insurance policy. Such auto insurance policies cover medical expenses incurred from an accident, collisions, and the theft of your vehicle.


The cost of your Mexican auto insurance policy will depend on the amount of coverage you select as well as the value of the car you wish to insure. The greater the value of your car, the greater the cost of your insurance package; however, even expensive cars can be insured for very reasonable rates in Mexico.


It is possible to purchase Mexican auto insurance for a period of just a few days if you plan on taking a short trip. On the other hand, if you plan on traveling for an extensive period of time, you should consider purchasing Mexican auto insurance for duration of six months or a year. The longer the interval you select the more economical your Mexican auto insurance policy will be. In addition, you will then have the options of changing your dates of travel without worrying that your Mexican auto insurance policy will no longer be applicable.


Mexican auto insurance is not only required by Mexican law, it is necessary simply to preserve your peace of mind. A good deed can go unpunished, with some preparation and smarts.  There is one company that only sells Mexican auto insurance is Mex Insurance at  Great program, good rates.