Mexican Insurance

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to purchasing Mex-Insurance.  For years people have stopped off at the last exit on the U.S. side and went into a place with a big sign outside that reads “Mexican Insurance“.  Nowadays there are online options that can save you money and time, and you can instantly verify their standing Department of Insurance and the Better Business Bureaus.

Many of you remember back in 2008 when we recommended and it turned into a disaster.  Their website was not ready for the traffic and it turns out they were not a direct broker but a sub-agent of an Arizona company which complicated things more.  We won’t recommend that one again.  However, one of our sponsors is Mexico Insurance Services, Inc. dba:  MEXINSURANCE.COM.  We conducted a secret survey of 3-4 online operations and found MEXINSURANCE.COM to have 24/7 helpdesk (to assist those of us who don’t buy stuff online every day), and a 24/7 chat line (for those of us who don’t want to talk to people).  The insurance is underwritten by Qualitas, which is one of the largest in Mexico.  They offer motorcycle coverage on the website, and you pay with a credit card once you get through the application and you instantly get copies of insurance cards, and insurance documents that you print on your printer and go.  They also have videos that walked me through some of the steps.  It’s true, because I negotiated the sponsorship with this company I get quite a discount, but trust me when I tell you I reached out to them because they seemed like the best online shop.  I told Chuck Lundy the owner of Mex Insurance about our experience with Mexbound years ago and he assured me that they are direct brokers – and that they have bandwidth, server cores and memory (if I’m saying that right) plus their site is programmed (by American programmers) to handle thousands of simultaneous requests.  I’ve tried the site and it’s really fast and clean.  (I admit I had to watch a video to add my old lady as a driver after I purchased it…hey buying insurance is not like buying saddle bags on ebay.  It can be complicated but it should be.  The site is simple as far as insurance sites go).

If you want to drive through, you can find Mex Insur at the Bonita Road exit off the 805.  Most of the other places we checked are not brokers, but are actually what they call “sub-agents” so they are getting a cut for offering the insurance through brokers like MexInsurance, Sanborns and Oscar Padilla.